ProMaster Key Manager What's New

Rewritten for compatibility with latest operating systems (Windows 7, Windows Server 2008R2) with user modern interface appearance and operation.

Key issue authentication
- by signature scanner
- by PIN entry
- scanning signed agreement

Comprehensive context sensitive help

Greater ability to drill down from any data to see related data.

New wizards for issuing, reissuing and returning keys allowing many keys to be issued and returned in a single operation

Enhanced Overdue Issues with more information available, capability to email key holders and to reissue overdue keys.

New wizards for returning keys and issuing them to another key holder in a single operation.

Key holder photos (load an existing image or acquire the photo from a scanner or camera) Signatory photos

New wizards for recording lost and broken keys

Spell checker (supplied with various dictionaries)

Email templates for email notifications when issuing keys, returning keys and for overdue keys.

Broader data search capabilities throughout the application with search settings remembered between sessions.

Key bunches enhanced making them more powerful and easier to use. Key bunches are treated equal to keys when issuing and returning keys.

Enhanced notes against key holders.