InstaCode What's New For January 2019

Recent Additions

New to January 2019

Over 75 New and Updated Series

Over 110 New and Updated Vehicle Models

Over 800 New and Updated Transponder Info

Over 1300 New and Updated Remote Information

Over 90 New and Updated Vehicle Information

Other Great Features

In addition to the new and updated code series and information that has been added since January 2014, WH Software has also been working on some other great features...

Suzuki Calculator

  • Converts 20 digit OutCodes to both 8 and 4 digit pins.
  • Applicable to both 'bladed' and proximity systems from 2012 and up
  • Accessible from the Tools menu from the option 'All plugins and calculators...'

Support for New Key Machines

Recently we has seen several new Key Machines enter the market:

  • Keyline Ninja

  • Keyline SigmaPro

  • Silca UnoCode 199

InstaCode is already supporting communication to these machines.
In addition to this, InstaCode now supports market variants for certain key machines where different global markets have differing firmware or jaw adaptors used.

Click on the links below to see what's new and updated in the InstaCode January 2019 Release.

New and Updated