InstaCode Take A Peek

Inside InstaCode - Your Tour Starts Here

Lets take a walk through some of InstaCode's functionality.  We will show you firstly the standard features within InstaCode, then follow with the added features InstaCode offers you!

InstaCode's opening view allows you to search for any combination of key code, manufacturer, model and year, key blank, card number or lock type. 

The selections for manufacturer, model and key blank are great - as you type in the first few characters they find and display the nearest matching entry, so you don't need to know how to spell some of those complex manufacturer names or do lots of typing.

We're going to look for the Toyota code 12345, but for now lets put in just the code 12345 and leave the other search fields blank.

Here's the results.  As you can see, there are quite a few code series that contain the code 12345.  We've  moved the highlight down to the Toyota series that we are looking for, but rather than opening this series, lets go back to the search screen and try a better search.

OK, lets try searching by code 12345 and manufacturer Toyota.

And here are the results...  As you can see, it's much less to look at!

Before we open this series, lets see what it looks like if you were to print the whole series.  Note: We've only shown the top part of the printout here - not the whole thing.

OK, back to the results screen, and we'll open the Toyota series on code 12345.  Look at all that information.  An improved graphical layout of the spaces, depths, alignment, machine information (more on this later), notes, key blanks, key blank profile picture.

Want to see that in inches instead of mm? - no problem, simply change your preferences in the Setup menu item from the top menu bar.

What if I want to cut this code on a manual machine, but the machine is not next to my computer?   No problem.  Click "Print" on this screen and you get all the information that you need to cut this code, on a single sheet of paper.

Just to make sure that the key looks right after we have cut it, let's select "Show Cut Key" from the "Tasks" menu and get a picture of how the cut key should look.

A little earlier, we promised that there would be more to come on machines.   Here it is... 


Support for the widest range of both electronic and manual machines available in any code program.

Yes, InstaCode communicates with all the manual and electronic key machines shown below.

Need a card for an Ilco Universal II, HPC 1200, Blitz or Punch machine - then print it.  Here's the card for both the Ilco Universal II and the HPC 1200.

Suppose that you need a different code in the same series.  Go ahead and click the "New Code" button and up comes a window for you to enter the new code.  We'll choose 14555 for this example.

And here it is, complete with new code and new bitting.

What do I do if the customer brings in just part of the key, or you've decoded part of the bitting for a car door lock, or you simply want the code from a bitting that you are entering?  

No problem. 

Let's look at partial cuts. Click the "Find Bitting" button

Type in the bittings that you can read off the damaged key...

Choose "Find" and up come all the possible results.

Now that's a lot of keys to cut, so lets get InstaCode to help us. 

Click on the "Cutting Tree" button and InstaCode will show you how to recut multiple codes onto the same key blank so you can test each one and use a minimum number of key blanks.   Much less wastage.  

Want to see the cutting tree on a sheet of paper so you can take it with you?  Easy, just click the "Tasks" menu item from the top menu bar, then "Print".  

Other features in InstaCode

To access the other features in InstaCode - transponder programming instructions, the ASP data, car opening instructions, airbag safely, lock wafer positions we need to search using the information we have available to us (manufacturer, model and year of vehicle in this example).  We will enter the code 12345, with the manufacturer Toyota, model 4 Runner, and year 1998 to 2002.

And here are the results...  As you can see, only one series is relevant for the search criteria entered!

Now on opening this Toyota series.  Look at all that information.  An improved graphical layout of the spaces, depths, alignment, machine information, notes, key blanks, key blank profile picture.  You will also see the buttons to access transponder programming instructions, opening instructions, ASP data and Notes.  We will show you each feature now.

We will select the "ASP data" tab - this displays the relevant locks on the vehicle, but pressing the + it will expand the tree to see the products within that tree.  We have highlighted an ignition lock C-30-409, which shows a picture of what the lock looks like for easy identification.  

Next, we select the "Transponders" tab - this gives step by step instructions on key duplication and in-car programming that is required for this particular vehicle.

Opening Instructions is the next option.  This shows you the picking method required, along with entry methods to take, the tools required to do so and also displays a range of car opening tools used. 

The Notes button contains such information as Air Bag information and Lock Wafer Positions.  Air Bag Information details how to enable or disable air bags.  

Lock Wafer Locations displays just that...

Last thing for this peek at InstaCode, click on the "Save Client Info" button and record your customer's information so that next time they come in you can make a replacement key.