E3 Intro

E3 is a comprehensive shop and service management application. It is an extremely useful tool, developed with the latest computer software in response to current marketplace requirements.

E3 is the next generation job management solution built on the technology of Enterprise, reflecting the feedback and wishes of Enterprise users, the expectations of modern technology and best business practice.

E3 Is Ideal For

  • Any Locksmith business

Why You Need E3

  • E3 allows you and your staff to perform all your daily operations with the one program. From client communication to invoicing to stock take, E3 handles it all ensuring consistency and accuracy as well as excellent customer service.

  • With the E3 software system you can dramatically improve the efficiency of your business, giving you more time for the better things in life.

  • E3 is the complete software package designed to manage your locksmith business, enabling you to serve and monitor your clients from the first contact to the final sign-off.
From Tom Stokes - Technical Services Manager, LSC

"For years our hardware scheduling team were using an old program (in a DOS environment) that was completely unstable and unreliable. Our IT department was getting cranky about forever rebooting servers and restoring old backups, and we were losing countless hours due to downtime. Frustration was building and we had to find something better".

"Since we introduced ProMaster Hardware Scheduler the entire department is humming. Users can share files, and our managers can see what everyone is doing - right from the take-off and scheduling to the packages leaving our warehouse. We use the program from start to finish, and it controls all the tricky areas such as variations and shipments where if you don't keep good records, you don't get paid".

"Our business couldn't go back to running without this great, stable, and easy to use product from WHS".

From Craig Jones - Salisbury Locksmiths Pty Ltd

"Our business has steadily grown over the years, and whilst our accounting side was well managed, our job management and job bookings were still done on a manual basis. E3 has allowed our job management, inventory and stock control systems to become so much more efficient and streamlined. It is terrific to be able to look at stock levels/allocations and to know what exactly is in each van at any given time. This saves tradesmen returning unnecessarily to the workshop for some unusual part they may have forgotten is already in their van".

E3 Features

E3 provides you with the following capabilities:
  • Purchasing
  • Inventory
  • Stock take
  • Banking
  • Reports
  • Client and staff details
  • Fully integrated with MYOB
  • Total job management
  • Minimal staff training
  • Unlimited technical support
E3 makes it easy to Import and Export through the use of wizards:
  • Wizard for exporting and importing streets making street management easy.
  • Wizards for exporting and importing suppliers.
  • Wizards for exporting and importing clients, client job addresses.
  • Wizards for exporting and importing inventory, inventory groups, inventory pictures, inventory holding levels, inventory suggestions and inventory suppliers.
  • Wizard for importing stock take data.
For existing Enterprise users, take a look at E3's New Features!

E3 Compatability

Integration with MYOB
  • E3 allows you to perform your accounting functions in MYOB by exporting summary data from E3 for use in MYOB Accounting. Now you can take full advantage of MYOB's features for accounting functions and communicating with your Tax Accountant. It's the best of both worlds.
Label Printer Support
  • Shipping labels and optionally a return address label may now be printed direct to your dedicated label printer. Inventory price labels are also now printed to your dedicated label printer, reducing printing costs and eliminating printing problems associates with sheet labels.